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The Wright Scent


The Wright Scent is a father and son run candle company that was founded on October 1st, 2020 by Bernard Wright and Mason Wright. The company was born from a traumatic experience that Mason had at a daycare, where he was burned by a wax melt. Instead of viewing this as a problem, Bernard saw it as an opportunity to start a business that would not only provide an engaging and educational experience for Mason, but also offer high-quality soy candles to customers

The Wright Scent

We have been working very hard to come up with a new scent. Soon to be announce our new candle! The Wright Scent LLC presents the powerful Father & Son duo! We plan to Brighten up your home with an outstanding Soy Based Candle Hand Poured by Mason & Myself.

We focus on safety and quality



These candles smell soo good and would last longer if I didn’t burn them ALL DAY EVERY DAY!! I need MORE because these are better then the ones they sell in stores.

Jake F.

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